Friday, May 29, 2009

Thanks for giving me an opportunity to brag about Ferris!
He is a very sweet dog. He has gone through one set of obedience classes and will start up with more in the fall.
He is a very big boy. He goes to the vet next week and I am guessing that he will be pushing 85 lbs. He is great with our kids.
He treats the youngest (10) like another puppy. They wrestle around together until exhausted and then fall asleep together.
Like his brother Thor, Ferris too is a “rock hound”. He also loves to run, play catch and play in our tiny pond. People constantly stop us toask what kind of dog he is because of his distinctive color. He is a pleasure to have as part of our family.

Thanks for a wonderful dog!

Marvin, Amy, Michael,
Christopher, Josh,  Madison and Bridget Ransom

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