Thursday, May 28, 2009

We just want to let you know about our wonderful pup named Thor.  He has really grown into a beautiful, healthy 90lbs silver lab.  He is extremely gentle and loves kids. He wrestles with our 2 year old son on a daily basis and Thor always lets him win.  It is adorable to watch a large dog fall to the ground when a toddler is tackling him.  His only problem is loving the kids too much that he can’t let them out of his sight without a whimper.  He is definitely a good protector checking on the kids in bed before he curls up for the night by the foot of our bed. Thor is also a water dog. He goes in our pond everyday and tries to jump in the tub with the kids at bath-time…he actually has jumped in with the kids a couple times. He also loves to chew on everything, especially rocks.  He found a 10lbs+ rock that he loves to carry around the yard. But most of all, we really could not have asked for a better dog.  We love him so much and he completes our family.  Thank you Hickory and Rainy for such a wonderful pup and congratulations on the new litter.

-Tina & Jeremy

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